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Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition

28 – 29 November 2022 - The Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition is Asia's premier geoscience event dedicated to the fraternity's studies and practises. This year, USM is represented in APGCE 2022 student programme by five students from the Geophysics programme at the School of Physics. The most popular feature in the APGCE student programme is EAGE GeoQuiz. Students are required to know and understand topics like geophysics, petroleum engineering, geoscience, and cross-disciplinary knowledge. It is a fun and exciting game in which students compete against other students from Asia. Jivan Gunasegaran, Chong Miao Fang, Aina Najiah Ahmad Affendy, Chan Xian Hwa, and Lam Joo Yee are five geophysics students represent USM team. The winner of the EAGE GeoQuiz was the USM group (Chan Xian Hwa and Chong Miao Fang). P.Geol. Dr. Andy Anderson Bery, is in-charge of this group and assisted by Mr. Zulkeflee Ismail.

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