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P.Geol. Dr. Andy Anderson Bery, MIPM

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Geophysics; Statistics


Personal Information

Name : Andy Anderson Bery

Current Position : University Lecturer

Field of research : Geophysics; Soil Mechanics; Statistics

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About Andy A. Bery

Andy Anderson Bery was born in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur. He attended SRB St. John, Taee, for primary school and SMK Taee, Serian, Sarawak, for secondary school. During his postgraduate studies, he received the USM Scholarship. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in December 2015 and was awarded Graduate On-Time status.

In January 2016, he began working as a university lecturer at the School of Physics at USM. He has been assigned as a lecturer to teach mathematics, engineering, and geophysics courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As a researcher, he (as the lead author) has published more than 40 research articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings that have been indexed by Clarivate Analytics' Web of Science (WoS), and Elsevier's SCOPUS. He has reviewed over 50 journal manuscripts in the geophysics field for various journals (Journal of Applied Geophysics, Near Surface Geophysics, Geothermics, Ore Geology Reviews, Sains Malaysiana, Journal of Physical Science, Journal of King Saud University (Science), CATENA, conference papers, and so on). In addition to being a member of the scientific publishing community, he has been certified as a peer reviewer by Elsevier Researcher Academy. He has served as the principal investigator on a number of private-sector-funded projects. During his spare time, he participated in community activities such as church and charity work. He is also involved in the concept/idea of innovation, and he is currently the owner and author of two copyright products registered with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, MyIPO.



Education Background

Degree Field of study Year University / Institution
Bachelor of Applied Science Geophysics 2008 Universiti Sains Malaysia
Master of Science Physics 2012 Universiti Sains Malaysia
Doctor of Philosophy Exploration Geophysics  
2015 Universiti Sains Malaysia




1. Subsurface crustal structures of Penang Island, Malaysia.

2. Geohydraulic characteristics and vulnerability assessment of hydrogeologic units in crystalline basement terrain, southwestern Nigeria.


Research Grants

As Principal Researcher                                                                                                              

Industry-collaboration [Completed and in active status by request]

1. Shallow Subsurface Study using Geophysical Methods for Environmental Problems in Malaysia. USM Short Term Grant. [15/07/2017-14/07/2019] Status: Completed with the report.

 2. Seismic Imaging for High-resolution Subsurface Structure Interpretation using Reflection and Diffraction Data. USM Short Term Grant. [01/12/2020-30/11/2023] Status: Active 

3. Development of Advanced Algorithms for Subsurface Seismic Imaging to Delineate Complex Structures. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS): 01/09/2022-31/08/2025] Status: Active.


As Co-researcher                                                                                                                           

1. Geophysical Application And Approaches In Engineering And Environmental Problems. RUI (Individual). [1/3/2016 - 28/2/2019] 

2. Joint inversion seismic and EM data through rock physics and cross-gradient constraints to reduce uncertainty in oil and gas exploration. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). [1/1/2019 - 31/12/2021]

3. Correlation of outcrop sequences to develop depositional environment model in north-western Peninsular Malaysia. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). 01/11/2020 - 30/04/2024 

4. Characterizing Deformation Mechanism of the Crocker Fault System, Sabah for Potential Earthquake Predictions. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). 01/11/2020 - 30/04/2024



Teaching Courses

Course Code Course Title
ZGT 271 Geophysical Data Analysis
ZGE 573 Geoenvironmental Issues
ZGE 571 Engineering Geoscience
ZCT 563 Formation Evaluation
ZGE 370 Meteorology II
ZCT 112 Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis
ZGT 279 Potential Field  Exploration Geophysics
 ZGE 475 Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
ZCT 192 Physics Practical II
ZGT 295 Geophysics Practical
HTV 201 Teknik Berfikir




As Main Supervisor

 Student's Name  Degree  Status / Progress Year
 Bala Balarabe  PhD  Graduated 2019-2022
 Adedibu Sunny Akingboye  PhD  Completed Viva 2021-2023
 Mohamed Mahgoub PhD Completed Viva 2021-2023
 Mohammad Khan PhD On-going 2022-
 Bala Gabriel Abraham PhD On-going 2023-
 Dick Mbuotidem David PhD On-going 2023-


As Co-supervisor

Student's Name Degree Status / Progress Year
Nur Amalina Binti Mohd Khoirul Anuar M.Sc. Graduated
Umi Maslinda Binti Anuar M.Sc. Graduated


As Supervisor (Geophysics Project)

Student's Name Degree Status
Muhammad Amri Mahadhir B.App.Sc. Completed 2023
Amirul Zarif B.App.Sc. Completed 2023
Danites Joel B.App.Sc. Completed 2022
Nages Sree B.App.Sc. Completed 2022
Bawazir Ebrahim B.App.Sc. Completed 2021
Nur Syahida Noor Rashid B.App.Sc. Completed 2019
Nur Syahindah Muahamad Adli B.App.Sc. Completed 2019
Wan Nur Al-Muffarid Saad B.App.Sc. Completed
Jasmine Azman B.App.Sc. Completed 2018
Nur Dalilah Othman B.App.Sc. Completed 2018
Nurul Adilah Mohd Safian B.App.Sc. Completed 2018
Muhammad Afiq Aris B.App.Sc. Completed 2017
Nur Amalina Abdul Majid B.App.Sc. Completed 2017


Industrial Training Programme (ITP)

Student's name         University Year
Muhammad Afiq Aziz UiTM Perlis 2019
Anas Syafiq Bin Ahmad Jafri Universiti Malaya 2016
Mohammad Sulaiman Bin Md Zahid Universiti Malaya 2016


       Chapter in books

  1. Bery, A.A., & Saad, R. (2014). Enhanced horizontal and vertical resolution in 4-D electrical resistivity for environmental slope study in Penang Island’, Chapter: Applied Solution of Engineering Science in Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 661, A. M. Yusof. (ed.), Trans Tech Publication Ltd., Switzerland, pp. 73-80. DOI:10.4028/ [Scopus]
  2. Saad, R., Chia, S., Muztaza, N.M.,  Ismail, N.A., & Bery, A.A. (2012). Geophysical subsurface study at Gua Kain Hitam, Niah, Sarawak, THE SARAWAK MUSEUM JOURNAL, December 2012, Publisher: Sarawak Museum Department, Vol LXX No.91 (New Series), ISSN. 0375-3050

Citation index articles and papers

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Add. Info

         Awards & Honours

  1.  Best Paper Award for the paper title [Surface characterization using innovative soil cohesion and friction angle models from geophysical and geotechnical methods] in Geo Engineering International Conference 2020 (GEIC 2020), on 20th December 2020.
  2.  Certificate of Reviewing awarded (October 2018) for Geothermics (WoS indexed).
  3.  Certificate of Reviewing awarded (April 2018) for Ore Geology Reviews (WoS indexed).
  4.  Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing awarded (May 2017) for Journal of King Saud University - Science (WoS indexed).
  5. Lead Guest Editor. Special Issue on Geoelectrical Surveying in Environmental Study. International Journal of Geophysics (Scopus indexed). 2017.
  6. Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing awarded (December 2016) for Journal of Applied Geophysics (WoS indexed).
  7. Best Paper Award for the paper title [Enhanced Horizontal and Vertical Resolution in 4-D Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Environmental Slope Study in Penang Island] (Category: Technologies of Environmental Engineering) in International Conference on Applied Physics and Engineering 2014 (ICAPE 2014), on September 17-18th, 2014.




     1. Principle inventor for Automatic Aloe Vera Mosquito Repellent (AAVMR) [2017]     

         Category A: Professional ( Design and Creativity), Innovation Level: International.

     2. Owner and author for two copyright products under Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO)


  As Examiner

Student's Name Title Year
Tsara Kamilah Ridwan MSc (UTP) 2021 
Jia Q Nqui MSc (UTP) 2020
Adelynna MSc (UTP) 2019

Wan Mohd Khairul Asyraf Wan Jusoh Geophysics Project 2018
Muhammad Farid Haziq Mohd Halim Geophysics Project 2018
Athira Mohammad Yusof Geophysics Project 2018
Millati Fairy Geophysics Project 2018
Ooi Cheng Chun Geophysics Project 2017
Ooi Sin Yik Geophysics Project 2017


   As Journal Reviewer

Name of Journal Year
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (WoS Journal) 2023
CATENA (WoS Journal) 2023
Journal of Applied Geophysics (WoS Journal) 2022
Journal of Applied Geophysics (WoS Journal) 2021
CATENA (WoS Journal) 2021
Environmental Challenges 2021
Mine Water and the Environment 2020
Journal of Applied Geophysics (WoS Journal) 2020
Applied and Environmental Soil 2020
Sains Malaysiana (WoS Journal) 2019
Geothermics (WoS Journal) 2019
Geothermics (WoS Journal) 2018
Ore Geology Reviews (WoS Journal) 2018
Journal of King Saud University (Science) (WoS Journal)
Physical Science International Journal 2017
Near Surface Geophysics (WoS Journal) 2016
Journal of Applied Geophysics (WoS Journal) 2016
Journal of King Saud University (Science) (WoS Journal)
Physical Science International Journal 2016
British Journal of Applied Science and Technology 2016


 As Reviewer

Name of International Conference/Seminar Year
4th Coference of the Arabia Joural of Geoscieces [Istanbul, Turkey] 2021
EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering [Cheng Mai, Thailand] 2020
EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] 2019
National Geoscience Conference 2019
EAGE-HAGI 1st Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering [Yogyakarta, Indonesia]
International Seminar on Mathematics and Physics in Sciences and Technology (ISMAP) [Johor, Malaysia]
International Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Conference (InCIEC) [Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia]


        Professional Memberships

1. Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG): 2013 - present; Member.

2. European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE): 2013 - 2016; Member.

          3. Institut Fizik Malaysia (IFM); Life Member

         4. Board of Geologists Malaysia (BoG). 

    The Board was established in November 2014 under the Geologists Act 2008, Act 689 Laws of Malaysia.

5. Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM): 2012 - present; Member.

              The society was founded in 1967 with the aim of promoting the advancement of the earth sciences in Malaysia and the  Southeast Asian (S.E.A) region. 


        Community Memberships

1. St. George's Church Penang; Member.

2. GSM-IGM Geo-Education; Deputy Chairman.

3. Malaysian Nature Society (MNS): 2017 - present; Member.












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