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  Computational Physics; High Energy Physics



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Male, born 1970 in Butterworth, Malaysia. Presently a lecturer in the school of physics, USM, Penang. Graduated from the Chung Ling High School with SPM and STPM in late 1980's and early 1990. In his high school years he was academically good in almost nothing but physics, and vowed to be a physicist since his youth after reading two popular science books on astrophysics and cosmology by Fang Lizi. Out of 5 subjects, he scored his only A in STPM for the physics paper. Hence he entered the University of Malaya as his first choice to major in physics . After receiving his B.Sc. (Hons) he continued with his M.Sc. under the supervision of then Prof. Chia Swee Ping on some do-it-once-a-life-time-is-enough sort of lengthy exact calculation on certain quark- level flavour changing neutral current processes (and yet he survived the ordeal!). For two years he served as a lecturer in the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and KDU Penang respectively. His students called him 'Sir' so much so that he felt a bit uneasy. Fortunately, in 1999, he was offered a full scholarship to further his Ph.D. in the University of Melbourne, majoring in high energy physics (of course, what else can he does besides this cup of tea?). Recently he has changed his research direction to venture into computational physics. His principle of life is "to exercise right effort and to find an eternity".


男,1970年出生于马来西亚北海,现任槟城理科大学物理系讲师。1988年(高中,SPM)及1990年(先修班,STPM)毕业于槟城锺灵中学,课业 上几乎一无所长,惟好物理,少年时即立志成为物理学家。STPM五科试卷中独以物理一科考获A等,自认理所当然以第一志愿入读马大物理系。后继续留校在谢 瑞平教授指导下完成硕士论文。曾先后在拉曼学院与槟城KDU学院误人子弟,前后为期两载。后来幸而获奖学金负笈澳洲墨尔本大学攻读博士学位,专攻高能粒子 物理。此乃其生命中最大的转折点,感恩所有因缘。最近研究方向有所转变,改攻计算物理。 生命中的指南原则是 - 积极精进,寻找一种永远.



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