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Thermal Management Research Laboratory


TMRL was established during 2010 to conduct the research on improving the performance of optoelectronic devices like LED (for Solid State Lighting, SSL) and its research has been focused on advanced material and packaging technologies including thermal management by adopting an innovative and internationally recognized thermal management methodology (ASTM-compliant). TMRL is the first of its kind in Malaysia which specializes in thermal, optical and material analysis that supports leading semiconductor companies like Western Digital, Intel, Osram, LumiLEDs, Pentamaster, QDOS etc. We are currently working on simulation, testing and reliability studies to solve the thermal related issues in SSL and electronic packaging products by utilizing leading industrial softwares (FloTHERM, FloEFD, TracePro, TeraLED, COMSOL etc) and equipments (T3ster, TC- TPS2500 etc.).


1. Teraled System 

2. Thermal Test Frame  DSC00633
3. Thermal Imaging Camera DSC00634
4. Carbolyte 3 Zone Furnace System DSC00635
5. TPS Hot Disc Method DSC00639
6. Spin Coater DSC00641
7. Vacuum Oven DSC00644
8. Thin Film Analyzer DSC00646
9. Electrochemical Deposition DSC00648


1. Western Digital, Penang

2. Intel, Kulim

3. Osram, Penang

4. Pentamaster Sdn. Bhd., Penang

5. Regensburg University, Germany

6. Millennium Substrates Sdn Bhd, Penang

7. USAINS Infotech, Penang

8. QAV Technolgy Sdn. Bhd., Penang

9. QDOS Flexcircuits Sdn. Bhd., Penang

10. CREST, Penang



1. Western Digital, Penang. 

2. QAV Technologies Sdn.Bhd., Penang 

3. Millennium Substrates Sdn Bhd.,Penang 

4. QDOS Flexcircuits Sdn Bhd., Penang 

5. ItraMAS, Penang 

6. Pentamaster Sdn Bhd., Penang


1. University of Malaya

2. UTM

3. UiTM



6. UniMAP

7. School of Engineering, USM




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