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Research group webpage: http://www2.fizik.usm.my/webpage/theory/


Computational Physics subgroup webpage: http://www2.fizik.usm.my/webpage/theory/comphy/

The group comprises several academic staffs who are actively researching in the following fields:

Condensed Matter:

  1. Computational physics (Yoon Tiem Leong)
  2. Coomputational materials science (Yoon Tiem Leong)
  3. Computational condensed matter physics (Yoon Tiem Leong)
  4. Quantum optics (Dr. Edmund Loh Wai Ming)
  5. Plasma dynamics simulation 

High Energy Physics:

Configurations of the monopole solutions of the SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs theory. (Dr. Wong Khai Ming, Prof. Rosy Teh (now retired))


Cosmology (Dr. John Soo Yue Han)

Members of the group have published in major ISI journals over the years, and some of these articles in computational/theoretical condensed matter physics and high energy physics have been cited by their peers internationally.

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Computational Physics Subgroup

Theoretical High Energy Physics Subgroup