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First & Second Year Teaching Laboratories



Physics Laboratory Level 100 & 200 can be regarded as a teaching lab, where experiments from different branches of Physics (Mechanical, Optics, Electromagnetism, etc.) were offered to undergraduate students throughout the semesters. A total of four course, namely ZCT 191 (Physics Practical I), ZCT 192 (Physics Practical II), ZCT 293 (Physics Practical III), and ZCT 294 (Physics Practical IV) were offered to undergraduates. In typical times, this lab operates daily, with Monday to Thursday evenings being more active since the students will be performing their experiments on that time. In general, Monday and Tuesday evening slots were for the first-year students, while Wednesday and Thursday evening slots will be occupied by the second-year students. Students will be divided into groups and spend two weeks on an experiment prior to preparing their lab reports. Each of the experiment will be handled by an academic staff while the lab staffs will provide necessary technical supports as well as various lab maintenance works. Due to the large number of students (sum of first- and second- year students), two lab coordinators, handling level 100 and 200 tasks respectively, were appointed.


AC Resonance 


Excitation and Ionization




Thermoelectric Effect 




Electric Measurement 




Planck's Constant 


Mechanical Equivalent of Heat 


Lee's Disc 


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