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Research in these areas involves the application of fundamental theory of physics to explain and solve problems of applied physics and engineering physics for the development of new technologies. The main research topics include semiconductor fabrication, sensors and actuators, thermal processes in device and packaging, digital image processing, optical and remote sensing technology, and photonic devices, system and applications. Related laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated and up to date equipments for forefront research. Graduate students are encouraged to present their research work at national and international conferences and publish in high impact factor journals.

Areas of Emphasis in Graduate Study and Research
Semiconductor Fabrication (Thin Film, Epitaxy and Nanostructures)
The research areas cover fundamental growth and properties of materials up to nanolithography and optoelectronic devices. Examples of topics of interest are thin semiconductor, insulator and metal films, growth, interface states and characterization; fabrication, characterization and theoretical simulation studies; fabrication and characterization of quantum well (QW) structures and novel optoelectronic devices; wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices;  theoretical modeling of nanophotonic devices; fabrication of photonic crystal devices by self-assembly of nanoparticles; and optical characterizations of novel luminescent materials and photonic crystals. Examples of current research projects are the fabrication and characterization of wide band gap III-nitride semiconductors and metal oxide nanostructures.

Sensors and Actuators
There are various research topics covered in sensors and actuators such as electric current and potential, environment, weather, moisture, humidity, position, optical, light, imaging, pressure, force, density, thermal, and etc. In addition, the objective of this type of research interest is to develop the sensing concepts that take advantage of the small feature sizes enabled by micro and nanotechnologies. The new sensing concepts either rely on small-scale effects or they allow integration of miniaturized devices into engineering systems. Graduate students are encouraged to develop and investigate the innovative valve sensors and actuators. Besides that, electronic circuits can be designed to improve or complement the characteristics of sensors and actuators devices.

Thermal Processes in Device and Packaging
Research in thermal process covers the large and increasing number of advanced thermal management and packaging materials, manufacturing processes, applications, cost, and future development. In addition, advanced materials will be increasingly important for 3D packages as heat loads increase. In future applications, developed and well established advance technology are needed for the control of thermal processes in device and packaging.

Digital Image Processing
Research project focuses on the development of digital image system such as processors, digitizer, digital computer, storage, display and scanner. Besides that, research study in digital processing also included the image enhancement, image representation and description, histogramming, smoothing, sharpening, thresholding, edge detection, spatial mask and linking.  Graduate students are encouraged to explore new technology in industrial vision system, automated visual inspection, process control and assembly application.
Optical and Remote Sensing Technology
This research area mainly focuses on the development of innovative new optical and remote sensor capable to be applied in several fields, for instance in the study of water turbidity, air pollution, waste water and thermal distribution. Novel sensing technology is invented to substitute the conventional technology and plays an important role in improving the development of current sensing capability.

Photonic Devices, System and Applications
Research in this group involves the development of new technologies for photonic devices and systems and increase of the level of applied research. For the development of photonics and its applications, it is necessary to analyses the nonlinear optical processes involved and investigate suitable materials for light generation, guiding and detection. This research area has true scientific value and potential for applications in the area of information technologies, environmental protection and health and quality of life improvement. Optical instruments include microscopes, interferometer, radiometer and cameras spectrometers.

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