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Geophysics Programme Goal

The geophysics programme's primary goal is to produce a Geophysicist with competent knowledge and scientific instruments to foresee physical properties beneath the Earth's surface associated with hazards, monitor process and mineral resources, image the Earth's structure, and estimate/predict the processes that occur.

The objectives of the programme are:
1. to produce trained manpower in various aspects in the field of geophysics.
2. to produce skillful and knowledgeable graduates in the industrial fields, including oil and gas industries as well as higher institutions to fulfill the needs of the country.
3. to provide human resources that are able to apply logical, critical and analytical concepts/ideas/thinking to exploit, develop and manage the knowledge-based resources.
4. to produce graduates who can appreciate cultural diversity, professionalism and are able to contribute and lead effectively.
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At the end of the course, students are able to:
PLOs Geophysics 
Programme Stucture for Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours Degree Programme – Geophysics
Core Courses
ZCA 101/4 Physics I (Mechanics)
ZCA 102/4 Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
ZCT 103/3 Physics III (Vibrations, Waves and Optics)
ZCT 104/3 Physics IV (Modern Physics)
*ZCA 110/4 Mathematical Methods I
ZCT 112/3 Mathematical Methods II
ZGT 161/3 Geology I
ZGT 162/3 Geology II
ZGT 190/2 Geology Practical
ZCT 191/2 Physics Practical I
ZCT 210/4 Complex Analysis and Differential Equations
ZGT 271/3 Geophysical Data Analysis
ZGT 265/3 Meteorology I
ZGT 266/3 Solid Earth Geophysics I
ZGT 267/3 Solid Earth Geophysics II
ZGT 268/3 Exploration Geophysics I
ZGT 269/3 Exploration Geophysics II
ZGT 295/4 Geophysics Practical (two semesters)
ZGT 372/3 Introduction to Oceanography
ZGT 374/4 Remote Sensing
ZGT 395/8 Geophysics Project (two semesters)
Total: 72 units (21 courses)
*The course content of ZCA 110/4 overlaps with Mathematics courses MAA 101/4
Calculus and MAA 111/4 Linear Algebra. Students can only register either ZCA 110/4 or MAA 101/4 and MAA 111/4 .
Students must select 30 units; at least 26 units from the group of courses below and the remaining units may be selected from other Science or Applied Science programmes, not from School of Physics.
ZCE 111/4 Computational Approach in Physics Learning
ZGE 277/4 Structure of the Universe
ZCE 341/4 Energy Studies
ZGE 364/3 Tropical Meteorology and Forecasting
ZGE 370/3 Meteorology II
ZGE 460/3 Synoptic Meteorology
ZGE 461/3 Advanced Geology
ZGE 471/3 Potential Field Interpretation
ZGE 473/4 Seismic Data Processing
ZGE 475/3 Engineering and Environmental Geophysics
ZGE 477/3 Physics Oceanography
ZGE 479/3 Geological Oceanography
ZCE 499/9 Industrial Training
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