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Geophysics Workshop Siri 1: Seismic refraction method

11-12 March 2023- The Geophysics group successfully completed its first workshop on seismic refraction (P -waves) for engineering and environmental issues. The workshop covered characteristics of seismic waves, applications, survey plans, data acquisition, processing (SeisOpt@2D), and interpretation. The speaker was Prof. Dr. Rosli Saad, and the trainer was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nordiana Mohd Muztaza. All geophysics lecturers and lab staff were involved as facilitators. This workshop was also a collaboration with Institute of Geology Malaysia (IGM) and Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM). The Geophysics group in the School of Physics plans to conduct a series of Geophysical Workshops throughout 2023/24 to elevate the geophysics standard in Malaysia and globally. The series of workshops will cover geophysical methods mostly applied in engineering and environmental issues. 




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