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Applied Physics

The objectives of the programme are:
AppliedPhy PEO

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon completion of this programme, the students will be able to:

AppliedPhy PLO
At the end of the course, students are able to:
1. understand and assimilate the fundamental concepts and theories of physics,
2. apply analytical skills and be competent in a variety of physics techniques to solve problems,
3. identify, formulate, analyze and solve applied and industrial problems,
4. present and defend applied physics ideas effectively in written and oral form,
5. work collaboratively as part of a team,
6. pursue independent study and continuous personal and professional development,
7. be a skilled and innovative leader,
8. become professional, responsible and ethical in work and in dealing with others, and
9. value culture and cultural diversity.
Programme Stucture for Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours Degree
Programme – Applied Physics
Core Courses
ZCA 101/4 Physics I (Mechanics)
ZCA 102/4 Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
ZCT 103/3 Physics III (Vibrations, Waves and Optics)
ZCT 104/3 Physics IV (Modern Physics)
ZCT 106/3 Electronics I
*ZCA 110/4 Mathematical Methods I
ZCT 112/3 Mathematical Methods II
ZCT 191/2 Physics Practical I
ZCT 192/2 Physics Practical II
ZCT 205/3 Quantum Mechanics
ZCT 206/3 Electronics II
ZCT 210/4 Complex Analysis and Differential Equations
ZCT 215/3 Optics
ZAT 281/4 Introduction to Microprocessors
ZAT 283/3 Instrumentation
ZCT 293/2 Physics Practical III
ZCT 307/3 Solid State Physics I
ZAT 386/4 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
ZAT 394/8 Applied Physics Project and Seminar (two semesters)
ZAT 487/4 Semiconductor Fabrication Processes
ZAT 489/3 Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
Total: 72 units (21 courses)
*The course content of ZCA 110/4 overlaps with Mathematics courses MAA 101/4
Calculus and MAA 111/4 Linear Algebra. Students can only register either ZCA 110/4 or MAA 101/4 and MAA 111/4 .
Elective Courses
Students must select 30 units; at least 26 units from the group of courses below and the remaining units may be selected from other Science or Applied Science programmes, not from School of Physics.
ZCE 111/4 Computational Approach in Physics Learning
ZCT 214/3 Thermodynamics
ZKT 224/4 Electronic and Photonic Materials I
ZAE 282/3 Materials Science
ZCT 314/3 Statistical Mechanics
ZKE 327/3 Solid State Lighting I
ZCE 341/4 Energy Studies
ZKE 427/3 Solid State Lighting II
ZCE 451/3 X-Ray Analysis
ZAE 484/4 Laser and Its Applications
ZAE 485/4 Applied Spectroscopy
ZAE 488/4 Non-Destructive Testing
ZCE 499/9 Industrial Training
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