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Engineering Physics

The objectives of the programme are: 
EngPhy PEO 

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon completion of this programme, the students will be able to:

EngPhy PLO

Video - Titania Nanotubes UV Photodetector 


Video - TiO2 UV sensor video for workshop

Programme Stucture for Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours Degree
Programme – Engineering Physics
Core Courses
ZCA 101/4 Physics I (Mechanics)
ZCA 102/4 Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
ZCT 103/3 Physics III (Vibrations, Waves and Optics)
ZCT 104/3 Physics IV (Modern Physics)
ZCT 106/3 Electronics I
*ZCA 110/4 Mathematical Methods I
ZCT 112/3 Mathematical Methods II
ZCT 191/2 Physics Practical I
ZCT 192/2 Physics Practical Il
ZCT 205/3 Quantum Mechanics
ZCT 206/3 Electronics II
ZCT 210/4 Complex Analysis and Differential Equations
ZCT 215/3 Optics
ZKT 223/3 Engineering Design
ZKT 224/4 Electronic and Photonic Materials I
ZCT 293/2 Physics Practical III
ZKT 296/2 Photonics Laboratory
ZKT 297/3 Practical Training
ZCT 304/3 Electricity and Magnetism
ZCT 307/3 Solid State Physics I
ZKT 321/3 The Engineer in Society
ZKT 396/8 Engineering Physics Project (two semesters)
Total : 72 units (22 courses)
*The course content of ZCA 110/4 overlaps with Mathematics courses MAA 101/4
Calculus and MAA 111/4 Linear Algebra. Students can only register either ZCA 110/4 or MAA 101/4 and MAA 111/4 .
Elective Courses
Students must select 30 units; at least 26 units from the group of courses below and the remaining units may be selected from other Science or Applied Science programmes, not from School of Physics.
ZCE 111/4 Computational Approach in Physics Learning
ZCT 214/3 Thermodynamics
ZCT 219/4 Mathematical Methods III
ZCT 314/3 Statistical Mechanics
ZKE 322/3 Electronic and Photonic Materials II
ZKE 323/3 Electronic and Photonic Devices and Systems
ZKE 326/4 Signal and Image Processing
ZKE 327/3 Solid State Lighting I
ZKE 427/3 Solid State Lighting II
ZAE 484/4 Laser and Its Applications
ZAE 488/4 Non-destructive Testing
ZCE 499/9 Industrial Training
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